Foreword Thien Huynh
Editor’s Introduction
I Am Vietnamese Huy T. Pham
Chapter 1: Assimilation
Pajama Day Sahra Vang Nguyen
Ce Que Tu Manges Kelsey Dang
A Musical Epiphany  Van Dang
Trotzdem Thi Yenhan Truong
Baseball Binh Hoang
I Am Bitnamee Tiffanie Hoang
Have You Ever? Mai Pham
The Art of Coin Rubbing Linda Ho Sheen
Chapter 2: Growing Pains
10535 Hammerly Blvd Tri Chiem
Art, Weights, and Heartaches Hung T. Pham
What does ‘Vietnamese’ Really Mean? Dan Nguyen
I hate being Vietnamese Fong Tran
An Endless Ocean of Possibilities Betty Dang
My American Beginning Andrew Lam
Chapter 3: My Name is
Tên Nguyen Thi Thien Phuoc
Văn Van Dang
Huy Huy T. Pham
What’s in a name? Madeline Yen Vu
Nha Trang Trang Nguyen
Chapter 4: Family
Mai Quynh’s Story Mai Quynh
Mythical Parentals Huy T. Pham
Realization Richie Le
I’m a Pham Huy T. Pham
A Note in a Song Sydney Nguyen
Chapter 5: Mothers
My Turn to Carry you Viet Hoai Tran
See, Smell, Taste, Hear, Feel Hung T. Pham
Happy Birthday Momma Anhlan Nguyen
My Superhero Katherine Tran
My Mother’s Hands Jennifer Nguyen
Path of the Bodhisattva Vincent Pham
Burning Incense  Van Dang
My Mother, My Pillar Velvet Nguyen
A Life Worth Living Quyen T. Truong
Chapter 6: Girl Power
Girl Christine Ha
XOXO Thuy Tran
Becoming an American Monique Truong
As a woman Nguyen Hong Van
Hai-Polar Rebecca Le
Vietnamese Woman Anh Hsu
Dear Mom and Dad Linh Tran Q. Do
A lesson learned in time Isabella Nguyen
Troubled times build character Isabella Nguyen
Don’t Break the Cycle Vera Tran
Danny Christina Le
Chapter 7: Intimacy
Inside the Vietnamese Closet Jake Nguyen
Con Trai Cưng Của Mẹ Jesse Cao
Tenderness VT Nguyen
A Vietnamese American Wedding Day Tra My Evelyn Huynh
Parental Pride Huy T. Pham
Do it for the kids A. Nguyen
Tainted Blood Huy T. Pham
Chapter 8: Fathers
Brick Hung T. Pham
When Prompted Jennifer Vi Nguyen
You Catch more Trashmen with Beer Huy T. Pham
A Complicated Man Monique Truong
Pho with my Father Andrew Pham
My Aging Father ChrisTin Nguyen
Transformations Joshua Nguyen
Again, My Hero Huy T. Pham
Another Ten Minutes Matthew Tran
Count the Moments Hanh Tran
Chapter 9: War Remnants
Not all that glitters is gold Kim Nguyen
The Stitch Tam Lontok
Have you ever loved? Glenn Xuan Long Hoa
Captain Thạch, Hero Captain Thach
Chapter 10: Quê Hương (Homecoming) 
A Preface: All I Hope to Do in Lists Angeline Vuong
Full Circle; Growing up Ngoc Anh Nguyen
More Vietnamese than I think Kyle Le
My Shelter Ai Vuong
The Squid Sellers of Sihanoukville Andrew X. Pham
Chinese-Vietnamese Identity Francesca Huynh
Việt Kiều Jennifer Vi Nguyen
Remembering Things : 10 years with Vietnam Philip Arthur Moore
Brothers Huy T. Pham
Editor’s Note